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Micro Product Sales, Inc.
Manufacturer's representative specializing in Equipment, Materials,
Components and Supplies for Microelectronic Circuit Assembly.

Mark P. Lindahl
PO Box 163 / Palatine, IL 60078
Voice: (847) 304-8250 / EMAIL

Microelectronics Assembly Products For Illinois/Wisconsin
Ventura, CA
Wire Bonding Capillaries and Wedges, Bare Die Collets Vacuum Pick-up Tools, Parallel Gap Electrodes.
Billerica, MA
Specialty Manufacturer of Epoxy Adhesives. Offering Electrically/Thermally Conductive, Optical, and Medical Adhesives.
World Leader in Gas Plasma Technology Equipment for Cleaning Microelectronic Assemblies for Improved Bonding Strength.
South Bend, IN
Stencils for Solder Paste Printing with Same Day Shipment. Screens for Thick Film Printing and Large-Format Solar Applications.
Milford, MA
Specialty manufacturer of chemically-machined metal parts for electronics.
Downey, CA
Vacuum/Pressure Furnaces, Wafer Bonders, and Graphite Fixtures.
Laguna Hills, CA
'Planetary Motion' mixing equipment for Plastics, Epoxies, Solder, Pharmaceutical, Powder and other materials for Lab or Production.

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